Award Insight

Award Insight

CasBCPRUe Study – Bradford Central Pru:

Bradford Central PRU (BCPRU) work with some of the most vulnerable young people in Bradford. Often, our young people engage with risk taking behaviours and this can lead to them making choices that have negative consequences. To support their wider education, we offer drug education, so that our young people are better informed with facts and understanding to make improved choices.

Our work to create the portfolio for the Drug Charter Award has been very positive as this has helped us to focus on our offer and the way in which we deliver it. By using this chance to reflect on our existing practise we have been able to focus our energies on areas and improve our delivery. This of course has benefitted our young people.

The offer that we make has input from a number of agencies and their input has been a valuable asset, allowing more depth and meaning to be added for our young people. Partners including the Police, Drug and Alcohol Team and other voluntary organisations all contribute to the work that we do.

Input from the Drug Charter Team has been very supportive and motivating. The interest that they showed, and their enthusiasm for the work that we are doing was very positive. Following on from this their celebration of our drug work was very rewarding and gave affirmation of the impact that we have.

T.N. Loft


Case Study – Lapage Primary School


“Lapage Primary School initially applied for the Drugs Charter Award in June 2013 and following our success, we reapplied in June 2016 as we recognised the importance of this accreditation. Substance misuse and abuse is a huge issue impacting upon our pupils, parents and community and it is vital that our children learn about keeping themselves safe from harm. We have children who are ‘at risk’ and it is our role to empower them with the knowledge and skills to make better choices about alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. As part of the process, we developed policies which we put in place to deal with related issues and undertook work with other agencies who can further the education of our children. Gaining this award is a huge achievement for us as it reassures us that our strategies are effective and our standards suitably high.”

Sannah Malik